And I kept following Him and I was weary, weary from carrying the sack on my back. I stopped and set it down, as I did He turned back and stood beside me. “How long are you going to carry that sac”? He said. I made my usual face, so used to doing things for myself and as I lifted up the sack it broke and everything fell out. I saw the stuff fall to the ground, I saw the words worry, fear, disgrace, no confidence, dirty, drinker and the stuff piled up. I looked up at Him and He said, “are you ready to follow me now”? I nodded and as tired as I was, I gave up and yelled “yes”! The stuff suddenly turned to a fine powder and was whisked away in the soft breeze. There we stood, and as I grabbed His hand I saw the hole made by my sins close up, and off we went. I never walked alone again.

Sandie Heckman


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