Love Lines 

As I age I grumble, for I no longer look the same. But, when I see lines rise up on my face, I know the specific detail to every line, exactly where I was and where I am now. Each line is my connection to God where I called Him closer, as I cried out to Him. I love these lines as I know when I see them, I found God, and I found love, unconditional love.  
Lord where we were once lost let us find beauty in the mirror, your mirror – where our reflection is pure perfection, because we are made new in you. Teach us to love ourselves as you do, so our sons and daughters will know it’s not what we are taught by society, it’s what you our Heavenly Father sees in us. Your undying love for us, where every line on our face is Your love line, where we cried out to You, and You cuddled us and wrapped us in Your compassion blanket, keeping us safe telling us we are beautifully made, only by you.

As you look in the mirror today, look at the love lines that have connected you to God. See the beauty He sees in you, for its not our age that holds us back, its how we see ourself. Put on your Christ like lenses and see yourself who was made new by Him. A love this strong, so unconditional can only be given by the almighty Father himself. Lucky are we to have lines on our face that show we live, live for Him. He makes us brand new and loves every intricate line on our face.

Wisdom is with aged men. With long life is understanding. Job 12:12

Sandie Heckman


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