In the midst of a busy life, I learned about God’s love. I learned how He gets into your heart and causes others to be joy struck and thankful. I learned that you can become involved in your neighborhood, nourish young minds, and let small children know their are others that care.

When you think about your neighborhood, do you really know all the kids that live there? Do you know their stories? Do you know who they live with, and who doesn’t live in their homes? Do you know if they have breakfast before leaving for school? I have a dear friend who is walking the Christ walk, and taking care of her neighborhood children one small snack at a time. She noticed the kids who walk by her door everyday, and instead of turning away, she turned toward them and got involved in their lives. She is helping them prosper, making a difference. She showed these kids their are people with kind hearts in this world, and it is okay to trust someone who truly cares.

It started on the first day of school. Her son had a new school, they had a new home, a new neighborhood and a new life! Only, on this first day of school, she decided to change things, she decided to make a difference and change the lives of some small kids in her corner of the world. I am in awe of the beauty of this soul, this young mother who has decided these kids are everything, because they are our future. On the first morning, of the first day of school,  these little kids lined up for the bus and Kala decided to do something different. She decided to care, and she filled the bellies of thirty kids before they got on the bus. Thirty snacks later and these small lives got on a bus headed to their first day of school, knowing someone cared enough to give them a snack. For some it may be their only snack of the day, for others it may be the only time someone, anyone stepped up and said “Hey You” I want to be a part of your life and see you shine before you go to school. Little did Kala know the impact she had created. Little did she know that at the end of the day, she’d have the biggest blessing ever!  She thought she had spent the early morning hours blessing others, but in the end these thirty tiny souls ended up blessing her. God has a way of showing us how to live, live like Him, and on this day Kala truly lived like Jesus. She guided these tiny lives to the bus, watched them get on and waited until they all returned to her neighborhood in the afternoon. She’s even set up a table outside of her home so these small children can congregate, fill their tummies and know that these days are golden.

Lives may be touched, lives may be changed,  but one thing can be certain, Kala is showing children that there are good souls in the world that will share a piece of their heart on any given day of the week. Kala is sharing her soul with these young children, who may some day grow up and be just like her, beautiful in every way. It doesn’t take much to nourish a young child in the ways of Jesus, and by sharing a breakfast bar it may be the biggest blessing they may see in their tiny world. 17 million children nationwide go hungry every day, but on this day thirty children did not. It may not seem like a huge impact, but if everyone stepped in, the statistics could be dramatically changed. There are so many children that do not have the opportunity to fill up on breakfast in the early morning hours, and Kala makes sure that each and every child in her neighborhood had a little something to eat before they start their day.

I volunteer and do local outreach in my neighborhoods. My other friend and I fill the needs of the homeless by giving them hygiene products, clothing and other assorted items to make their lives easier. Our donations of clothing, toys and HH items has grown to fill a garage to the brim. Each and every donation handed out brings such joy, and watching a homeless person feel worthy becomes our destination to a fulfilling life. In my tiny corner of my world, we are taking back our neighborhoods to a time when everyone cared about everyone else’s children, because frankly they are God’s children. We do indeed show our Christ hearts as we spread these donations around. Socks, shoes and the next thing you know you have a friend in a homeless person, and the relationship continues, as you watch them rise up into housing of their own. It truly is the most joyous event of a lifetime.

Kala’s blessings to her neighborhood has once again inspired me to do more, because there can never be enough caring in our world. Children are our future and showing them kindness, will inspire them to someday be caring adults as well. Kala came home the other night to a driveway filled with chalk thank you notes. Tiny chalked drawings from the kids who took it upon themselves to thank her for caring so much. The ripple effect is evident here as her loving soul seeps  into the children’s and they in turn pay it forward.


KIMG05601 (1)

Train up a child in the way he should go [and in keeping with his individual gift or bent], and when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6 AMP

Sandie Heckman


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