Losing Faith


What kind of statistic are you? What kind will your child be?

I read that the number of Christians is dropping. We are facing an era where the world is dropping off in their faith, and turning to discontent. I want to wallow in scripture, not self pity. Gods word is where we find the answers. It’s easy to wonder why the world is in such disarray, but what if we stopped wondering and we become Crazy Christians? Christians that share Jesus and behave like Him, kind, considerate, loving, non-judgmental. The number of people that call themselves Christians has dropped 8% in 9 years.

Do you find this astounding or not your problem? It’s easy to say “it’s not my problem, I have enough on my plate”! But what about our children, our future? What about the kids in our schools that don’t know? How do we reach them? Your children can reach them! It astounds me that we as a generation can lose faith! I did! I was miserable! Until a Crazy Christian shared her love for Jesus with me, I didn’t know.
No wonder the world is miserable and in turmoil, we need Jesus! When someone asks you “who is Jesus”, what do you say?  What have you taught your child to say?

The world will fall into turmoil, and disbelief will be common ground. I don’t want kids to see this. I want the children of this world to know Jesus. It’s so easy for fathers to walk away from their children, so easy to stop being Dad. These kids with absent fathers need to know, their Heavenly Father will never leave them nor forsake them. I don’t want to be part of the 8%! I want to be a Crazy in love with Jesus, shouting from the streets, walking in faith so people see. The time is now! The time has come to be crazy in love with Jesus. The time is now to engage in a life that shows others no matter what storm you’ve been through or are going through, you are surviving and not angry because Jesus gives you strength, hope and unconditional love. He knows our trials and stands with us! Let our future generations know…they are loved and there is Hope!

Sandie Heckman


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