As the storms came last night and the tornado sirens went off, I didn’t fear, for I knew God was with me. I’m not from a tornado town, and I don’t think you ever get used to them. Water was rushing down the street eroding away the road and curbside. It can only be compared to the parallel erosion that takes place during our baptism. As we are submersed into the crystal waters, water rushing at our body, God literally erodes all our sin and inequities away. We are forgiven and made anew through Jesus Christ!

He died for us and on this day, allow all your fears and troubles to erode away from your mind. Erase the past and become new again in Jesus Christ. It’s truly a miracle that in a split second our lives are transformed by Him, just as the roadway was changed after the storm. We will always have storms in life, but Jesus is our life saver and today friend, He loves you more than yesterday. May you find many blessings today, and I pray that we all allow our Jesus to renew our love and faith for Him.
Sandie Heckman

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