Get up, oh ye fallen man of God,
you are forgiven for all you’ve done!
Saved by the beautiful grace
of Gods only begotten son.
Rise above and shine!
This is your finest hour,
rise and show the world
you live by Gods power!
You’ve been given a second chance.
in Him live your life,
for through Him
you now shall dance!
Trembling to the new beat,
the trumpet plays and
as you fall at Jesus feet,
let go of who you were.
It’s time to move on,
Jesus awaits!
Drop it all, never look back
to who you once were.
Born again, you now shall shine,
so glad you’re coming home,
so proud of you, oh friend of mine.
In His name you shall shine!
Blessed are you,
Oh beautiful friend of mine.
 Sandie Heckman

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