The Breakfast Club

What if we changed it up a bit? What if we shared a devotional time in the early morning hours, before we leave for work or school? Would our kids respond differently to the bullies and do-no-gooders if they had a “touch of Jesus” each morning over breakfast?
In between the “snap, crackle and pop”, and the bread and jam, we invited Jesus to breakfast. He was there at the start of our day, and we carried Him with us into our morning and into our evening.
Meet Jesus for breakfast. Have breakfast with our champion, our triumph over troubles, the one to call on when the going gets tough. Share a love note from God, a special verse with your family. A verse that will resonate His love for us, and assure us all that Jesus will be there for our trials and triumphs throughout our day.
Start your own Breakfast Club and see what happens. Spend a few minutes sharing Jesus over breakfast and give your family a fresh start in the morning
And this I pray: that your love may abound yet more and more and extend to it’s fullest development in knowledge and all keen insight 
Philippians 1:9 
Sandie Heckman

2 thoughts on “The Breakfast Club

  1. It is a great way to start the day…and if getting together for breakfast is too much for your family in the morning…here’s what we do: we simply do our best to come together as a family to pray and commit the day to the Lord before we head out on out separate journeys. Either way, finding a spiritual touch point in the morning will be a blessing to your family!

  2. Jason thanks so much for the wonderful ministry you have through “Seeds Family Worship”. I loved your program and how you engage young children in loving Jesus Christ through music!

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