Remember waiting to get picked for the team?
You know, at school when they pick the best first,
and the not so good last?
He’s Picked You!
He’s faithful, never leaves, always cheering us on. Like a great baseball game In life. He’s the umpire checking your rights and wrongs. He’s the pitcher sending you the straight ball to lift you up, as you hit the home run in life. Oh, he’ll throw you curve balls, just to check your obedience and to give you challenges in growth. But, he helps us manage our life and allows us to rest in the dugout, when needed. He loves when we speak of Him and score a home run, a new follower, when we witness to others. Keep Jesus in your heart. He’s the real deal! He’s the Big League. Move up from the minor league of wavering, ask Him into your heart.Join the team! The Jesus Team.  Get your ticket to the Big Game in Heaven, ask Him into your heart!.
Thanks be to God who gives us victory (the Big Win) through our Lord Jesus Christ.                                     1 Corinthians 15:57 
Sandie Heckman

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