Activate Your Power


There is a power within you that exceeds any human emotion tenfold.
This power is faith!

Faith in God

Faith in Yourself

Faith in Family and Friends

Faith in Mankind

When you unleash this power and have faith that God has you, this power can raise you to new levels!

Faith in God’s plan for your life without seeing His plan, exceeds any purpose you have preconceived in your mind. Gods will, Gods way!

Ultimately, when you activate your faith and rise up to believing anything is possible with God, this is when your purpose shall be revealed.

Activate your faith!

Believe in Gods plan!

He is mightier than any plan you have laid out. When you ask Him to activate this plan, jump! Life will take a new turn and ultimately God moments will be displayed tenfold in your life. Have faith. Activate!

Have a fabulous week!

Thank you God for giving us the Holy Spirit as a guarantee of the fulfillment of Your promise in our lives.
Sandie Heckman


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