God Is Grooming Us

The lawnmower guy is here cutting paths in the grass. Mowing down each line of grass, erasing the growth from the week before.
Reminds me of our life!
We forge forward and are sometimes interrupted in our Christ journey by life events that can make us question sometime who we are on this Faith Walk.
Who are we?
Do we do enough?
Have we shown our light enough?
Each time we doubt it can erase the line in our journey, our Christ walk and take us back to the week before. Stay strong, remain faithful. Don’t let doubt seep into your day. Seek the good. Remain in Gods word. God is grooming us like a beautiful lawn as we remain steadfast in our faith, our love for Him grows. Stay on the cutting edge, the edge Jesus paved for us the day He died for us. Oh how He loves us! Oh how He loves to see us grow in faith!
And those who know Your name will lean on and confidently put their trust in You.   Psalm 9:10
Sandie Heckman

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