June Joy Jitters

be joyful
I sit here amongst the June bugs and a star filled night,  and my June Joy meter is on full. I’m full of so much love from Jesus,  Joy struck in June. I find so much joy in my family and friends, and I know God put all of them on my path.
I find joy in all the little things, my child’s smile and hug, no bills in the mail and a hug from a stranger who I have Given joy. Little things, tiny love notes from God that set my heart a flutter for Him. Find your June Joy Jitters! The little things that set your heart a flutter for Him and know these things are sent from Him above. Tiny  knocks on your heart, your June Joy notes.
Find what brings you joy in June and let your heart overflow!
Clap your hands all ye people! Shout to God with loud songs of joy 
Psalm 47:1
Sandie Heckman

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