Are you ready for the day?
Do you know the truth?
I’m not shouting with a megaphone nor am I speaking from a throne. Shout it out “you know the truth, He’s in you. Jesus lives in you! I see and feel the truth! Who is Jesus? He’s the magnificent one who was once of the flesh, once walked the earth, died for you and me so we could live!
He’s alive in us!
What’s the truth?
That is the truth!
How do I know?
I ran it through my scripture filter, I know because I believe in Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior .
Do you believe?
Do you know Jesus?
Check your heart, He’s in you!
Once a small boy, Jesus grew into a sinless man, He walked the earth! Imagine, on our earth He walked like you and me, only He was sinless! He chose to die so we could live. Now do you believe? Run it through your scripture filter, that is where the truth Shall be told, in the bible, the roadmap to your future. He laid it all down for you and me. So, what shall you lay down for Him today?
He’s the one!
He’s the reason we live!
Have a beautiful day!
Pray without ceasing!
The One who is in you is greater than
The one of this world! We’ve got this day! He lives in us!
 Sandie Heckman

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