Lord It’s Tuesday after a 3 day long weekend, and we grumble and don’t want the weekend to end. 4 days of work and we stumble at the thought of you creating our beautiful world, night and day and all there is for our eyes to see in just 6 short days,
and we CAN make it through this week for you!
life savers
When the day wears on us, we pull you into our hearts closer and savor your essence like a pack of life savers in our pocket. You are a life saver Jesus, you are our redeemer, our shining grace! With you, we are ready to take on this short 4 day week.
In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. On the sixth day God saw all He had created and it was good, very good
Genesis 1:1-6
Create an essence around you of God loving kindness, show the world the goodness in you that God made.
Have a beautiful 4 day week!

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