Lord we welcome you into this brand new day. We understand that you are rebuilding us from the ground up. Mold us into your likeness minute by minute, like tiny specks of sand poured onto each other until a magnificent sandcastle appears.
sand 1
Fill us up Lord, with your love and grace so we may see and feel our inequities melt away. May we grow in you and quickly shed our old habits like the ocean waves melting a sandcastle down at high tide. We are ready to keep going in your name, leading those that are weary to the promise land, your land where time stands still in the glow of your beauty.
Guide us and keep hold of our hands as we seek your presence in every detail on this beautiful day. Refuel our soul Lord, so we may bask  in your presence like a beautiful, Son filled day.
May we lay down by the calming waters of life and be restored by you. We will never give up. We will shine for you, as our light is refueled in your presence. Help others to see your magnificent face as we shine
sand 2
Like beautiful sandcastles, each different in every way, cast your light into us, so it will shine through us and leak out through every crevice
 of our soul, for the Son seekers to see.
Sandie Heckman

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