God Moment!

knee surgery

I’ve been away for a while, getting my second chance on my beautiful life. A little over two years ago I had a total knee replacement and it never felt right. I tried for two years to find the answers to why, and I stumbled upon a doctor who finally had the answers to my uneven, unbalanced life. I had problems with my new knee the minute I had surgery, and not a day went by that I didn’t notice swelling, pain and an uneven, unbalanced gate or stride when I walked.

I went to one surgeon a few months ago who said that I needed a new replacement knee or a revision. Because a total knee replacement surgery is one of the hardest to endure, I opted for a second opinion. I was scheduled with a second surgeon, and the day of my appointment, I got a call that my doctors mother had passed and the appointment was rescheduled. The date to reschedule would push my appointment out another month, so I opted for a different surgeon. A new doctor had just come on board at the practice, so I decided he may be my best bet at the time. Little did I know, that this doctor would be a godsend to my healing victory! This doctor had been placed on my path by God himself, and as I write this while healing at home, I’ve come to realize there are no coincidences only God moments!

I had surgery nine days ago. My surgeon, my second opinion was able to do a revision of my initial total knee replacement from two years ago, and I now have a new improved knee! My hope is in weeks to come I will heal quickly, and realize God does want us to live beautiful lives. All we have to do is have hope, and rely on Him, and truly our lives transform into His vision of who we were born to be.

Every day is a gift, a gift of second chances and when we leap for Jesus, these chances become so monumental, you can only believe they are God moments.

For we walk by Faith, not by sight 2 Corinthians 5:7

Sandie Heckman


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