Hope’s Moon (Hope For Baltimore)

She looked to the moon
to find the answers from the day
of discontent, anger and fear.

And she knew in the moment,
that it was the moon that stood watch
for all of time, seeing the corruption
in the world as it churned out of control.

It was the moon who watched over
the world as our brothers and sisters
fought in the streets of our neighborhoods.

For the first time as she looked up
she saw the moon’s smiling face
shining down with Hope on the world.
She knew the man in the moon was God
keeping watch, keeping in time to the sun.

And she saw her dreams dancing in the shadows,
as the moon casts it first glow into
the darkness of the evenings yellow glow.
She knew in that moment that the man in the moon
was keeping watch, hoping for the world to calm.
Sandie Heckman


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