Voices Of The Street

What do you do with over 300 prayers? What do you do with short stories on homeless and trafficking victims? What do you do when you are being called by God, with an idea that won’t stop haunting you? You leap! You take a leap of faith, and you move forward with the faith that this idea, this book will change lives, and help those who have fallen.

Voices of the Streets started two years ago, with a story of a young woman who has beaten drug addiction and is now leading a productive life. It’s a book to share amongst the shelters and soup kitchens where the homeless meet. It’s a book of uplifting scripture, poems and a collaboration of stories that will shatter the stereotype of homeless being a problem. The homeless live in my neighborhood, have lived in my home, and I want to share these stories to help others. To show them that there is hope. I want to help those in need rise up, and find the next day as beautiful as they could have ever imagined. I want to instill a vision in the minds of those that have the blessings of homes and families to want to volunteer and help the homeless in their neighborhoods. Imagine a city where homelessness could become less and less, simply because the neighborhoods come together to help the less fortunate find resources and ideas for housing, to end homelessness and Human Trafficking.  The average age of a girl being trafficked is thirteen. Families broken up by homelessness makes children vulnerable to trafficking. The homeless are vulnerable because they will stop at nothing to get out of their situation, because they do are desperate. The traffickers will prey on the less fortunate giving the illusion that they will be free from homelessness if they follow them. The homeless person is then trapped and trafficked against their will, being shot up with drugs on day one, and for some, their life ends in the hands of a trafficker.

I’ve worked with homeless and trafficking survivors for two years now. I’ve volunteered with local trafficking organizations in my hometown, and I’ve volunteered at local shelters. What I love most about the work, is the intimate conversations I have shared with those who are just like you and me. Those that have lost their homes, suffered countless job losses and still seem to keep going on a daily basis. I’ve helped organize fund raisers for hygiene packs and I’ve helped cook for over 150 homeless people at one time, even going mobile with the food and delivering to those in the streets. I’ve fed the hungry, met their clothing needs through donations and even given the coat off my back! I’ve helped the homeless find homes and helped furnish these homes, even helping them move in. It is a back breaking process, but in the end it is breathtaking when you see a young mother and her four children move into a home of their own after living in a shelter.

I’ve met some of the most fascinating people, listened to their stories and read them countless stories of my own. I share scripture in the street and along with that I share the love of our Lord Jesus Christ. I’ve baptized a beautiful homeless woman because she was inspired by my stories and meeting others in my outreach group. We chose not to give up on her, to see the good in her and share the word of God. She is currently awaiting housing as well.

I want to publish a book “Voices of the Street”, stories of the homeless and survivors of Human Trafficking. I want to publish a book for the people who have strived to make a difference in the community, the volunteers. I want to publish a book that will give back to society. I want to inspire the desire in survivors to keep going, to realize that they are beautiful souls, and that they can find themselves again, and can accept grace from Jesus to be set free.

Voices of the Street is not only a collaboration of short stories, prayers and poems, it is a heartfelt message in a book! It is the realization that when published, this book will change lives and produce revenue to reach even more homeless. A percentage of the sale of the book will be used to purchase additional hygiene products, and provide shelter for Trafficking survivors. The money will be used to fund the Magnificent Women project. This is a project started to help homeless women in the streets have feminine products when they have their menstrual cycles. Voices of the Streets has the potential to help raise awareness and inspire others to help the homeless. This book will donate 30% of its sales to helping the Outreach programs in my neighborhood, and to purchase more books to hand out in the streets. Voices of the Street can and has inspired the less fortunate to realize there is a world of caring people. There is a God and hope.

Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy. Proverbs 31:8-9




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