THE HIP SHOT (Shoot From The Hip)

hip shot

Thanks to The Free Dictionary by Farlex, I looked up the idiom “shoot from the hip” today. It says to react to a situation very quickly and with a lot of force, or without thinking. I’ve come to the conclusion, when you “shoot from the hip” it can also mean you jump and think way too much, and rely only on yourself until it backfires!

Last week I was told I have an arthritic hip and that I need a shot in my groin area. I freaked out! After a few days, I scheduled an appointment for a shot, and today was my day to shine, or so I thought. I’m not very good at surrendering my troubles to Jesus. In fact, I’m very good at giving it up, then taking it back. Control freak? Possibly, but I’m learning, and with that I am served a nice plate of grace!

So jump to today at the doctor’s office. I walk in to the exam room of a pain specialist. In walks cute male nurse #1. After he has spoken to me for a bit, and I’ve swooned over his beauty, he proceeds to notice that I am scared and says “it’s no fun, but then again what shot in a hip joint is fun?” Ugh, he’s no longer as cute! I think he just shot from the hip!

After this #1 nurse leaves, in walks a tall, really tall young man, yup, he’s cute too! He’s a resident and begins the examination and explanation of how ultra sound will help him guide the needle into my hip. He’s still cute, but with less enthusiasm, my heart rate rises for the wrong reason, anxiety!

Oh anxiety, how I loathe you in my life! The rapid heart rate, short breaths and I’m off to the future panic attack of my life! Shift forward one minute to what is going through my mind:

“Hang on to today,

for beautiful revelations

will appear before you.

This is the day our Lord has made,

and His love for you

shall unfold right before your eyes.

Look for the awe inspiring moments!

Ok, I can’t seem to make sense out of “awe inspiring moments” as I sit there listing to this young intern explaining the shot I am about to receive, but I’ll keep the awe inspiring moment in mind. Jump forward five to six more minutes and in comes the doctor! He asks if it is okay if his intern does the procedure, I shake my head yes. Now take another note, there is another young intern in the room, yes he’s good looking and he’s trying to joke with me to keep me upbeat. The first young intern ultrasounds my hip area, marking where the needle will be inserted. Heart rate rising, I ask this intern how many of these shots he’s given. “Two!” Oh boy, heart sinks and I blurt out, “ugh, I would prefer if the doctor would do this”! Yes, I shot straight from the hip! I didn’t care if it hurt his feelings or not, I didn’t want to be his guinea pig! The doctor, the one that I have come to see, seeks no argument, and immediately he springs into action. He marks the spot for the insertion of the injection and I start crying! I can’t help it! I’m scared!

Now I get smart, I pray! I ask for guidance, calmness and strength, and I blurt out loud, “can you please get my friend in the waiting room, and ask her to come in?” Now, keep in mind, I now have three cute male doctors in this room, and I’ve just asked for my best friend to come in, who is twenty years younger than me! Well, I don’t care about age difference anymore, it is injection time, it’s go time, and I am surrounded by the cutest doctors on the planet! My friend comes in, and grabs ahold of my hands and I squeeze hard as needle is inserted, all ten inches of it! I start to recite 2 Corinthians 5:7, we walk by faith, not by sight, and I realize I am blessed! I’m blessed, to have a friend who would come and hold my hand while three beautiful doctors are sticking a ten inch needle into my groin! Well, who wouldn’t feel blessed?

I am blessed to have a friend who would come into a doctor’s office and hold my hand. But more than this epiphany, I realize that I haven’t been walking by faith, only by sight and my sight is cloudy! Totally cloudy! Who have I relied on? I allowed myself to get worked up, upset and totally cried my eyes out in front of three beautiful doctors! Why didn’t I rely on Jesus? How did I get this far into the control part of my life that I totally forgot who walked into this doctor’s office with me in the first place? Jesus walked in with me of course!

So I ponder again, we walk by faith, not by sight, only this time I get it! If you cannot rely on Jesus to carry you through, then you are doing it all yourself and it won’t work. Thus, anxiety attack. I’m so thankful that God has placed doctors in my life that have been kind and understanding. I do not like to rely on anyone when it comes to me. I am always there for everyone else, but today I listened to God, and when He said, “ask for help”, I finally did! I have fabulous friends and family who are there for me, and I’ve taken the route of not letting anyone help me. How can I allow these beautiful souls in my life to feel the blessings of helping me, if I don’t allow it? I feel blessed when I am able to help others.

So, my question to you today is this, how do you let others be a blessing to you? Do you allow others to bless you with love and the attention you so deserve? Do you see the beauty in God’s plan when He places those in our lives when we need them most?

Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work. If one falls down, the friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him wake up! Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

I’m happy to say, my hip pain is less. I’m overwhelmed by God’s blessings and grace. Amazed at how He puts people in our lives who are caring, and love the Lord as much as I do. I am in awe of how God has interceded in my life, and blessed me with beautiful people to help me through my life journey.

God is so good! I hope you find your blessings in life through friends and family. I hope you too find the awe inspiring God moments. Be careful how you shoot from the hip, it doesn’t always work out for the good.



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