An Open Letter to a Non-Believer


I stood there watching you, as your child screamed in the store. You frantically tried to calm her down and nothing worked. You didn’t have the money to pay for all the medicine, I watched and waited. I was moved by your sincere look of love as you frantically looked for change, to finish the sale at the counter. I stepped in and offered you ten dollars, and your eyes welled up as you took the money and handed it to the cashier. I smiled at you as your child was sleeping in the cart now, quiet as could be. You thanked me as I told you over and over there was no need. I explained that in the dawn of this day, in the early morning mist of the sunrise, I heard God speak and ask me to help those in need. I knew I had enough and it was time to pay it forward. I knew I was blessed and I could give to those that needed it. I said you were my random act of kindness and I wanted to help you. I told you of the God moment, but you said you didn’t believe in God. You said, “If there was a God, you wouldn’t need medicine”. I disagreed. God made people who made medicine to help heal sicknesses in our lives. He made them smart, gave them the scientific gift to develop antibiotics.

You still didn’t buy my God story.

I want you to know for every person, there is a chain of people that will touch our lives. Some will be touched more than others. For me, you gave me a heart moment where I could help you with your child. You were able to quiet your little girl with the love, you so tenderly whispered to her.

All of us here on this tiny planet, each represent a piece of Jesus. The good in each of us. For some, those who don’t believe, their good is short lived. They are afraid of feeling a compassionate heart, it scares them, thinking they will be hurt like they have been hurt their whole life. So, they put up a wall and miss out on God loving moments. For those who have been touched by Christ in their world, they continually want to help others, to show them moments where God has helped them so much in their lives. For others, it’s the tiny moments like today that bring on the realization that there is a God!
Sandie Heckman


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