It doesn’t matter what you have in your possessions here on earth. Whether you have tenfold what your neighbor has, or less than that of an ant crawling in the street. No matter what, if your faith holds steadfast through the strongest of storms, when the waters run high and the winds blow everything you own away, our Lord will never leave you.

Have faith in all you do and thank the Lord our God every breath of your day. Stay in His good graces and thank Him for all of your blessings, all the days of your life. The most faithful of those who worship the Lord, will stand by His side in heaven and beyond.

Do not fear if your life is going bad, the mystery of an eventful life can be found by the satisfied heart, despite your circumstances. Love Jesus. If you are living your life with the love of Jesus, share everything you know of our Lord and Savior with the weakest of souls, you will be the richest on the planet!

Sandie Heckman


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