ice cream truck

The ice cream truck came to town, on a warm evening, during the summer of my youth. Music blaring and whirling thingamajigs blowing in the wind, would help announce the arrival of this Chevy built dream maker.

Every spring my heart would start pumping, waiting on the ice cream truck to arrive. I started early in the spring practicing my running, perfecting my speed, so I wouldn’t miss this eye bursting, beauty of an ice cream truck! Lacing up my green, Adidas striped sneakers, I knew, these shoes were my ticket to reach the delectable rainbow snow cones on the fly! I started running blocks at a time, so I would lose my hot chocolate belly of the winter’s past. I wanted to be first in line the day the music started playing, and the truck rolled down my street!

A month passed and I became a slick runner, slicker than warm maple syrup on a stack of pancakes! I was dreaming of the winter past one hot and humid day, when the delightful music of the mesmerizing ice cream truck started to play. The music came closer and closer, and I knew the truck was not far from my street. My mind rushed into a dreamy state of push pops and ice cream cones and the agonizing brain freezes of summers past. I stuffed a pocketful of quarters into my pocket and rushed out the back door. The race was on!

Down the driveway I briskly sped, hopping over garbage cans, small bushes and the neighbor’s cat.  I ran down the street like a cheetah on the tail of its prey, and I was determined to be first in line! I rounded the corner of 8th Avenue and nearly took out the neighbor’s mailbox, as I clumsily tripped and landed in the flower bed. There I sat amongst the marigolds, a sea of golden deliciousness and all I could think of were orange rainbow ices as I came to my senses. As soon as my shoes hit the turf I was off, with my beautiful destination in front of me.

The ice cream truck came to an abrupt halt in my neighborhood, and I stood there mesmerized, watching the little kids get their frozen brain freeze on! Lined up like dominos in a row, they frantically screeched with glee trying to come up with the most outrageous flavors to layer together in their shaved ice cups. The ice cream trucks are different now, and the era of zebra cones and frozen lemon drops are gone. This truck is the ultimate ice cream truck of the future! This truck is my dream come true! No longer do I have to race block after block to be first in line, I am the driver of the truck! This dream of owning an ice cream truck began one cold, winter afternoon, about five years ago. I put into motion a dream that would eventually be mine to live out. Here I am inside the magical ice cream truck helping to keep the dream of my youth alive. I am now driving the ice cream truck, and I am the one watching the kid’s race down the street!

I’ve had this fantastical ice cream truck for three summers and frankly, this is indeed my dream come true. I’ve had more fun helping hundreds of kids build dreamy summers, and find more madness in mixing blue raspberry, cherry, vanilla and lemon lime together than any other flavor mixing scientist in the country. I’ve found that shaved ice and flavored syrups are the passion of every young, super runner on the planet. I’ve watched kids grow, families come and go and ultimately I found my dream job as well.

If you have a dream, chase it! If you have a passion live it! You never know where or what you’ll be chasing around the corner, in your lifetime!

Sandie Heckman


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