The heart, one giant muscle beating blood into our veins from the moment of conception, until our last breath here on earth. The heart will beat our entire life, if fed the right food and exercised daily. For some, the heart will beat longer than for others.

The heart, a giant muscle filled up with emotions from our beautiful life. Some hearts contain the love and joy of a lifetime. Some hearts are broken, leaking out pain from lives that didn’t work out, lives that have been lost.

The heart, a beautiful thing for a child seeking comfort. When a child lays their head on a parent’s chest, they can gently fall asleep to the all too familiar beats. For an infant, the beats from their mother’s heart are a loving, rhythmic reminder of where they once were so protected in the womb.

Two hearts, the hearts of lovers that beat in tune to each other, blissfully entwined. The heart – be kind to yours! Fill it up with love from family and friends. Life is short. Exceed your heart felt level of love.

God’s heart, intricately woven with ours can bring God and us joy. Fill your heart with God’s love, find joy beats in your inner heart.

Lord bless us with the peace and the love of your heart. Fill us, rejuvenate us to have the energy to fulfill your legacy of kindness, and grant us a soul that walks amongst the broken filling their needs. Instill in us the heart to know and find kindness, and show us the time when it best for us to stay or walk away.

Guard our hearts from the enemy and keep all doors closed where it is unsafe for us to walk through. We love you Father, there is no other way to love but through you.

May we walk this earth as you once did, laying hands on those in need. Help us to love our children as you love us, with gentleness and kindness. Help us to teach them to grow into loving, kind souls. Father your love is so gentle and kind, may you always hear our voices call you our beloved. Live on in our hearts and guide us. Your will be done. Amen

Sandie Heckman


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