wacky wednesday

I woke up from a dream all frumpy and stuff, trying to muster up enough energy to get to the bathroom. In the early morning light, I dreamt, or thought it was Thursday. I stumbled to the kitchen, and in my drunken stooper of sleepy eyed bliss, I started to make my first early dawn brew! Grinder on, beans crushing amongst the backdrop sounds of my cat purring, purring at my feet, and I was almost to the end of the week, OR, SO I THOUGHT!

Water purifying, dripping into my nifty, brilliant orange Brita pitcher, and as I leaned over to pour H20 into my coffee maker, lid popping and my kitchen is engulfed in one spectacular waterfall. Coffee still not brewing, and I in my multi striped, slumber jammies of my life stood there taking in the day. This was a beautiful Thursday, OR SO I THOUGHT!

Pushing the button, coffee finally brewing, scents of blissful java filling the air, and I was finally waking up to the dawn of a new day! Shower on, cat on the sink, licking at the faucet supplying an endless flow of water, and I wonder, why can’t the cat lick up my kitchen floor? Jump in the shower, cat crying out loud, soap bubbles floating in the air on a whimsical ribbon of warm air flowing, from the overhead air vent. Bubbles passing by my cat, as he paws at the air, and I’m almost there, almost to the end of the week, OR SO I THOUGHT!

Walking out the door and dropping my keys, coffee cup in hand and I jump in my car waiting on the new day. Wipers jumping back and forth, music blaring, and I am almost there, OR SO I THOUGHT! Back out of the driveway, rolling on the road to my fantastical Thursday in life, and suddenly I hear it for the first time, “HAPPY WACKY WEDNESDAY”. Gasping for air, I’m taken aback as I realize, I realize it’s not Thursday at all, IT’S WEDNESDAY! Pedal to the metal, keep the shiny side up! I slowly drive to my destination and I realize, I am getting a do over, a second chance at a Wednesday that I’ve never had!

And tomorrow which shall be Thursday will have to wait, because today on this Wacky Wednesday, I am embracing life and I am thankful for all of my blessings!
Sandie Heckman


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