If I could take the world
and hold it in my hand,
spread out across the planet
are tiny, blinking dots,
smaller then a grain of sand.

This tiny world we live in
and all these blinking dots,
were blinking long before your birth,
and who would ever have thought,
that these tiny dots that are blinking
and what they represent,
are lives you will have touched
long before you were heaven sent.

These tiny dots are people,
acquaintances, and friends,
dots of lives you’ll touch in life,
these dots go on without end.

Each time you reach out
or give a simple touch,
these lives are changed forever,
because you gave them hope,
joy, care and such!

So never think you are unworthy,
or you do the simplest of things,
when you hold someone’s heart,
you become their everything!
You bring them to the truth
you instill in them belief.
and while they are here on earth
you show them their own self worth.

You help heal hearts
and without a doubt,
every time you hold a life
you are forever embedded
in their soul, their heart of all hearts.
Sandie Heckman


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