I walked into the bookstore
all melancholy and stuff,
and I wandered around
not looking for much.
As I looked at the books,
and smelled the mesmerizing ink
something clicked inside of me
something made me think,
wouldn’t it be nice
wouldn’t it be grand
to see someone standing there
with my book in their hand.
I’d stroll on over
and kindly say,
“Hey man that’s my book
you’re reading” by the way,
and as he paged through
my little book on life
the man would look at me and say,
“it’s not for me, it’s for my wife”!
I’d smile and say
with not a care in the world,
“You should not get her a book,
get her something pearled”!
Because a lady, that you spend
that much time on buying a book
deserves something grand,
not a bunch of gobbledygook!
Sandie Heckman


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