hov lane

There is a place on the 405 where you cannot travel alone. This lane will get you further and faster, especially if you have someone along for the ride. The express lane or HOV lane is the best place to be, when traffic is backed up. This lane is used the most during rush hour. I’ve heard that some are so desperate to avoid the backups on the 405, they’ve gone to the extreme of a blowup doll or car seat just to drive in the HOV lane. There is a hefty fine for doing such a thing, but some will risk it all to get there fast!  So why is it so important to get somewhere fast? Why do some people dislike traffic so much?

Why are we in such a hurry?

I see cars tailgating, shaking fists in traffic fits, and it still does not get them to their destination any faster. It’s a simple fact, there will always be traffic and much sooner than later we will all get stuck in it!

Have we become a generation of having Express Lane Syndrome?

How often do you slow down and resonate on all the blessing in your life?

If only for a moment, we could all slow down and truly take in the moment to enjoy the beauty of the day. I watch at a red light as others around me are caught up in their cell phones, waiting for the light to change. Did they miss the moment? Did they realize in that split one minute of time their children in the back seat of their car were dying for conversation? Did they take the time to get caught up with their children’s day while sitting in traffic? Did the beauty of the sunset as it sizzled and touched down on the horizon, go unnoticed? We all seem to have gotten so caught up in our rush hours of life, we’ve forgotten that traffic can actually be a time to reflect.

How often our lives have become like the HOV lane. The faster we get there the happier we are. But, are we truly happy? Do you live your life in the fast lane speeding to every destination, or do you truly take time to reflect and count your daily blessings in life?

Sandie Heckman


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