It’s not every day you are given a second chance.

Choices and such…

to decide how you will live life,

when everything is way too much.

Will you be resentful, panic and tell

everyone around you that it’s not fair,

stomp your feet, throw your fists in the air,

so the sorry train ends at your street?

Or, will you decide to take it all in stride,

stay on this life ride

and show those around you,

just how easy it can be to rise

up because you have a story to tell of days gone by,

when life seemed like hell,

but because of your faith

and in His name you remained

and now you no longer need to ride the sorry train?
Life is hard.

We all know this all too well,

so rise up,

for you have a story to tell.

Tell it like you knew from the start

exactly how to be the strongest woman

there ever could be,

because quite simply,

that’s who we all think you can be.

Sandie Heckman


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