Sweet Song

Snow falling, and in the silence
with every flake that falls,
my heart beats thumping,
can you hear the angels trumpeting?
Songs of joy and love,
coming from above.
The song is so sweet,
it’s music to my ears,
the music playing
it beckons me to hear,
Child of God
you are saved today!
Our beautiful Lord
because of Him
your soul shall stay.
In heaven you will be
right by his side,
because of His love
you are alive in Him today!
Jump to the beat!
Get on your feet!
Get Joy Struck for Jesus!
Spread it around
like jam on toast!
Our Lord loves you,
to Him you are the most
faithful of servants,
and from afar
nothing can change that
forever you’re His shining star!
Sandie Heckman

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