To all the kids who didn’t want

to go to school today.

Some days I don’t feel

like going to work,

I’d rather stay home and play!


There once was a town called Sillyville

where no one wanted to go to work or school.

Everyone there was lazy

and some even called them fools!


If you don’t learn, you can’t get smart

all day long you’ll sit and fart

and waste all the time

that God gave you to do good deeds.


I wouldn’t want to live in Sillyville

for it doesn’t seem like much fun

to not learn and grow up

to be astronauts, doctors and nuns.


Who would want to sit all day

and do nothing but pick your nose,

and grow up to be nothing more

than a Sillyville do-nothing Toad.


I’d rather go to school and play

and grow up knowing that someday,

I will be someone’s fun,

someone’s hero,

someone’s leader,

someone’s storyteller,

someone’s everything.


So, when I was young

I got up and went to school,

I learned a lot, and I had fun.

I knew that someday

I’d become a warrior for God

who could change the world


into a happier place

where everyone would laugh and play

and it would be the best place

it could be for you and me

Sandie Heckman


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