Faith and Joy


So you say you are questioning if faith is real?

Well, let me ask, you woke up this morning, right?

Are you loved?

Do you have a job, a place to live, all snugly and warm?

Have kids? Are they stunningly beautiful?

Do you believe that there is still something missing, but you can’t quite figure it out?

Have a bad day, fall down, more than once, get back up twice?

Why did you decide to get up? You felt you had to, or you chose to?

Ah, free will!

Granted to all of us at our birth.

Although we may not choose the “free will” card all the time, it’s there, it’s ours for the taking. You have a choice, you can choose to fill your heart to the brim with ultimate understanding and let go of all the things you are trying to make better, trying to fix or control.

Just let go, choose, and let go!

What’s that? You have to know where it is leading?

Well, let’s just say, “jump”! Jump without looking.

Nothing to lose, everything to gain!

Wait for it!


Got joy?

No? Well, I can tell you this, faith will bring you joy!

Not even kidding!

All those times you tried to make it work and nothing happened?

“God has a bigger plan”.

So here’s the thing, if you think you have it all, but something’s missing, then try something new – jump to faith No, not up and down, not jump from a plane, nor bungee jump!

Truly lay all those little things, the things that always tug at your heart;  the worry, the fear, the past – lay it all down and find faith, find God, and you will find ultimate joy.

Sandie Heckman


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