I crawl into bed and I hesitate,

totally and undeniably,

I am wide awake.

The thoughts, they come

when I crawl into bed,

grocery lists, bills to pay,

crazy thoughts rolling around

inside of my head.

My cat must know

that I cannot sleep,

for all too suddenly he is

jumping at my feet!

Like a nightmare that won’t sit still,

he’s sneaky and climbs into my window sill.

He tries catching the shadows

from the midnight dancing light,

but then he jumps on me

and gives me a fright!

Wish mister sandman would come on by

with that sleepy stuff he makes,

I’d give it a try.

Wish he’d throw it around my bed,

and sprinkle a smidgen on

my jumping cats head!

As the midnight thoughts go

racing by inside my sleepy head,

maybe the sandman could help

to put my cat and I, safely to bed.

Sandie Heckman


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