Not Worth It?

I prayed and you spoke.  I walked into the shelter, and there in the back corner was this woman talking to herself, and I figured she was all off in her own world after having takin a hit of her smoke. Only she wasn’t, she was clear as a bell. And her story went on and on, and I listened. I didn’t see a homeless woman, I saw a woman who could rise up. I saw a human being.
And in my mind we were in our corner of the world, the corner no one would touch. They said she was a waste of time, too far gone, but I saw a spark. I saw Gods eyes in her, and I took the time to sit on her cot because she invited me.
She had been beat up, used up, but I still saw the spark. Maybe,  like the spark Jesus saw in Mary Magdalene, and I didn’t quit. I prayed with her, I told her about Jesus and she listened.
She said this guy had beat her, she lost her home because her landlord wanted sex for rent and she said no. I said that’s okay that’s not where you belong. “There is a place where you can be safe”.  I told her we will  find a place, can I help her? What if you leave the shelter and move into some place safe? What if you move, and your story saves others? Funny, they said not to bother, she wasn’t worth the time, too far gone. I knew different.
Oh she’s far gone, gone from the shelter to a place of her own. I suspect sometime soon we will see her magnificently rise up, because He has plans for her. And if only I hadn’t listened, where would she be? I believed, I knew she was worthy, and she rose. Now, watch her dance.
Sandie Heckman.

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