One of the pastors at my church gave an awesome sermon this week on Joy vs Happiness. He said, “we are so programmed by the media to want and buy things, we are always being persuaded that these things will help us feel better, and happier”. If you watch QVC or even commercials, the companies that produce the products give us false hope of finding happiness. If we buy their car, or purchase their special drink or even buy their clothes, we too can find happiness. Yeah, for a moment we might be happier, but then the car payments come, or the product doesn’t work, and then we buy more and more and keep going trying to find our happy place. But, do you ever truly feel happy? Do you have enough that you are joyful?

How do you find your joy? Do the video games, the new clothes or even the fancy cars fill the emptiness that you feel? What do you do when this happiness from materialistic things wears off?

My pastor spoke of how God places this hole in our heart so HE can fill it up, that this is where we will find our joy! I loved this statement! As soon as he said it, I started to see donuts floating in the air! No I wasn’t hungry, but I literally saw, trays and trays of donuts with holes. I couldn’t help but think of these donuts as people, people that have holes in their hearts because they have not found their joy in finding God.

The more we have the more we want! I have found that since I’ve found God, I want for less! Truly, I simply do not need as much in my life! I’d rather spread His word and help other. I’d rather spread the word and help others find God, so they too can fill up the holes of others hearts. So they can find their Joy in life.

When I do Outreach in my hometown, it is amazing how being compassionate and understanding of what the homeless are going through becomes so significant. Just giving a homeless person a bottle of shampoo is like a gift from heaven. All of the sudden, they are blessing us for the blessing of a simple bottle of shampoo! As I sit and listen to their stories, life becomes more joyful and my heart soars! I find my joy because this person realizes that there are people who care about them. There are people who have taken the time to show them that God loves them as well.

There is no special invitation needed, no credit card required to do Outreach, just your faith and heartfelt love for all of mankind. It is amazing to share stories and my faith, and watch other peoples holes in their hearts fill up!

Rescue the weak and the needy, and deliver them from the hand of the wicked. Psalm 82:4



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