Stop Taking My Daughter!

hand trafficking

January is Human Trafficking awareness month.


I’ve been volunteering for a human trafficking organization Rescue Innocence for over a year now. I often wonder what God would say to the Traffickers and “John’s” if He could speak to them………


You the blind man that turns a naked ear
from the injustice of the world.
I sit and watch you daily, as you go about your business,
yet seldom do you think or talk to me in the quiet moment.
I long for your companionship, I long to tell you that
You need to stop taking my daughter!
In the midst of the frantic pace of life you’ve done me an
injustice that is beyond anyone’s repair.
It can only be changed by seeking my forgiveness.
Do you not remember when you were young
and you experienced the very first breath of your child
and told her she was your everything?
Do you not remember telling her you would protect her for ever more?
So on this day as you struggle along,
lonely, broken or uncaring
I ask you to stop taking my daughter!
I gave you life. I gave you hope.
I gave you a daughter to keep in your life forever more!
Yet you choose to forget.
You tell yourself lies, and as time goes on you use these
daughters of mine like broken twigs on a fire.
They have no more meaning to you
than the continuous times you break
the rules of life and continue on your path of destruction!
Take heed in knowing
that until the hands of time come to a complete halt,
you have the chance to change your eternity forever!
You can seek to melt down,
challenge and boycott the agencies and people
that continually offer these daughters to you day after day.
The enticing aroma of these children who were once
someone’s daughter, you now use up and dispose of daily.
Do you not know that they are not there by choice?
Do you not know, do you not look her in the eye
and see the pain of the broken?
Do you not hear my call
to you in your shame of knowing,
that what you are doing is reversing all the justice
my son died on the cross to heal?
Stop taking my daughter and teach them a lesson.
Tell them that these young women need to go home!
Do not allow them to steal her heart
and break it into a million pieces anymore!
As she cries out to you for help,
listen to her sounds of anguish – she’s asking!
Help her find her way home!
Help yourself to find your way back to me again!
Find in her the beauty of your once beloved daughter,
and remember that I loved you first,
and you can undo this broken circle that you feed daily.
I will bring you home to be with me!
Just stop taking my daughter
so the angry men that hold her against her will,
will release her back to me so she can live out her
own destiny as it once was and shall be.

Get informed – Help save the victims all over the world!

  1. Approximately 1.2 million children are trafficked nationally each year.
  2. Every 2 minutes a child is trafficked for the purpose of sexual exploitation.
  3. Nationally 45,000 children run away each year, and can be subjected to Human Trafficking.
  4. The average age of a child trafficked is 12.
  5. Many victims of trafficking, particularly women and children, are exploited for purposes of prostitution and pornography. Trafficking also takes place in domestic servitude, small businesses, factories, and agricultural work. Traffickers use force, fraud and coercion to compel women, men, and children to engage in these activities.

To report a potential trafficking situation in central Missouri call (interpreters available):
Human Trafficking Hotline : (888)-3737-888
U.S. Immigration
and Customs Enforcement (ICE):

(866) 347-2423


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