I Miss That Woman…

woman laughing

I call her daily and always say,
“Hello beautiful”, and off she goes
laughing like her old self again.
How I miss that woman.

She’s the one who could laugh so hard
she’d barely breathe
before her next giggle started welling up in her belly.
She always laughed at what he said,
and how he loved her from morning to night.

He’s gone now, and the giggles
are trying to well up in her belly,
but they’ll have to wait
until she’s done crying for the love of her life.

She tries hard to be brave
but she’s missing the one true love
of her old age life,
and she keeps moving forward.

Being brave and being strong
are what has made her Mom.
I knew all along she’d be the one
to keep us all going, keep us strong,
even when he left us, so short a time ago.

She is too far away to hug,
and not close enough to drive home to.
Oh how I miss that woman,
that mother of mine.

And there she is in her older years,
sitting quietly looking at the stars
wondering if he is laughing in heaven.
And if she only knew, how I miss her too,
And those great big belly laughs,
And I hope to see that woman of mine soon.
Sandie Heckman


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