Would You?

baby jesus

And there you are minding your own business, out in your field,  on a moon lit night and suddenly you hear, you hear a voice in the distance telling you to go see, go see this miracle, this beautiful boy who would save the world, and would you? Would you dare to go?

Would you leave your home knowing that you’d journey over mountainous terrain, trek along the rocky shoreline of the Jordan River, and be subjected to the cold winter nights, which would quite frankly make you miserable, would you go?

And when you’d get there, in all your tired, weariness, you’d see the beauty in the evening, the serene presence of this tiny infant, this baby boy that would take your breath away, and would you know? Would you know that this little baby lying in a manger truly is the son of God? Would you know that this baby boy is your Jesus?

And once you saw this tiny baby, and from that moment on, you’d believe, and your heart would be filled with a love so full, you couldn’t explain it. You could only tell others of all you saw in this baby, this Jesus, and everyone would see it on your face. They would know that you indeed saw the one true king, the Son of God. Everyone you told would be in awe, and they would want to see this baby Jesus so bad, they would seek Him out too. And Jesus would grow up and have followers all over the world, because you, you stopped at nothing, making sure everyone knew and heard of this miraculous birth. This birth of the baby Jesus who would someday save the world.

Would you go? Would you believe? Would you see?

Will you tell?

Sandie Heckman


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