And How Do We Hold On?


How do we hold on this Christmas Season? This season where everything in our world seems to be whirling out of control. This world, this beautiful world that we are all born of, is spinning on its axis at a speed that seems to have turned the world off kilter. Where and how do you find love amongst the chaos of Ferguson, New York and Brooklyn? The New York that seems to sink in misery and be on guard as our beautiful fathers and husbands are taken down for simply trying to put food on their family’s tables and protect the city? How do you explain this to the children, the little ones who are relying on all us big ones to keep them safe?


And how does Jesus handle all this chaos which engulfs our earth so deeply? How does he give the girls “taken” in Nigeria the strength to keep going, knowing that their families are raising them up to the heavens every hour of the day? How does He rock these girls to sleep allowing them to know that soon, but not soon enough, these girls would stop being enslaved on our planet where Human Trafficking still exists? How does Jesus scoop up the people who so strongly believe in Him, that would die for him so their children can live? Would He stand up to ISIS and tell those men to follow him? Would He rally in Ferguson asking everyone to stand down, to simply love on one another and embrace all of those who have lost so deeply? Would and do we stand next to Jesus and rally our world into a present state of Christmas Joy?


We need Jesus and we need to wrap ourselves in the love, the light and the unending faith that Jesus, this tiny baby born in a manager, will see it all, take it all, and help us scramble through all the misery here on earth. Escape from this chaotic world, on the train of good faith and find your blessings on the next stop on the tracks of a tiny town, a tiny miraculous town where a miracle happened so long ago.


Entice your senses to feel and see the joy, the love, the empathy and favor from this a tiny baby born in a manger in the nightfall of good will. Where the trees are dripping with the love of our eternal father. Embrace this tiny baby Jesus and allow yourself to be wrapped in the timely feeling of unending blessings and joy. Find your favor, seek it out through the light of Jesus and enjoy this beautiful Christmas Season. Hold on to this Season of joy and know, with Jesus the best is yet to come.
Sandie Heckman


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