As I sat down, I suddenly realized
I had forgotten to put on the right socks.
There I sat, one red, one blue
I was all beside myself, and I swore
people were staring at me like a hawk!

Should I cross my right leg over my left
so the red sock is blaring loud?
Or, should I cross the left over right,
so the blue hue stands out in the crowd?

I twitched my leg, my foot started
thumping loudly on the ground,
I sat there quietly, I tried hard
to stop my foot from making a sound.

Across the room I spied a man
who seemed to be in distress,
he sat there and in his own defense
I must tell you this, I truly confess.

The socks he wore were green and yellow,
And much to my own dismay
He didn’t care if I noticed,
in fact, he seemed in a bit of a daze.

While he spied me staring intently
at both his feet both on the ground,
I glanced at him quickly
and gave him a simple frown.

It didn’t matter what color socks
I didn’t even care,
I sat there giggling inside because
my socks, my red and blue socks
matched my striped underwear!


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