Every Day Should Be Christmas Day

baby jesus

The Christ Child was sent to change everything, yet you have a tendency to forget his purpose 364 days a year. How can you bring that one day full circle, and have the feeling of the Christmas spirit daily, never losing the Christmas spirit when Christmas day ends? The entire scope of the love you feel on Christmas day, must remain in your heart the rest of the year. Why do you have the ability to remember to help people and each other during the Christmas season, and then lose it the rest of the year? Christmas loses its effect on everyone one day later, why? How can you believe in something so big, so universal, yet leave it behind as if it never existed the day after Christmas?

I sent my Son to save mankind, yet at times it seems as if you forget the entire purpose, only to remember when the stores fabricate the holiday like you are mechanical in nature. You answer the call to decorate, buy gifts and become all too nice to the person next door or down the road, that person you wouldn’t give the time of day to yesterday. You set out and plan this event each year, buying gifts and telling one another you love them. You help mankind and the needy, but where are you when all the reminders are magically pulled off the shelves? What happens when everything is put away? Why must you wait another year, to remind you to return to the mindset of loving one another, as I longed for all of you to do every day? Why must you prepare for the birth of the Christ Child as a reminder of Christmas, when his birth should be celebrated every day? Why do you need reminders to believe in something I have given you so long ago?

I prepare a place for you in my home where you shall dwell with me forever. You must stay in the moment and never forget the true meaning of my son’s birth all the days of your life. The mystery of all things and why I sent my son to two innocent human beings, to raise him up and guide him as He loves all of mankind, must remain in your minds. Stay with me constantly. When the holiday is done, do not forget the most magical gift of all, the gift of eternal life. I love you so much that I sent my only son, to save the world. Whoever believes in me will have eternal life.

There are people out there, people amongst you, that need Christmas 365 days a year. Remember to share and tell the story of that one day, that one monumental Christmas Day when I sent my son to save them all. Some do not know of the Christ child, they have never heard of my word. Everyday should be Christmas, where your loving spirit shines and you share the birth of my son not just on Christmas, but every day of the year. Don’t lose the magic once you leave the celebration, keep it going for all to know. Keep it going every day of the year, but on this particular Christmas Day, raise up your hands to me, and I will shine through you and show you my love in return. For with the love of Christ, you shall all prevail, you shall be set free, and the world will be a better place.

Sandie Heckman


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