The Great Race

cross runner

Life is but a race, a race of enduring obstacle after obstacle along our journey through time. Each obstacle is an event in our life. It is how we react to these life events or obstacles that will indeed represent who we are as Christians. God has not promised these obstacles will be easy. We all must endure the race as if our life depended on it, as it indeed does. God’s promise of eternal life is at the finish line, waiting for all the runners who successfully stay on the righteous path, while the clock ticks forward in time.

Like the runner in a stadium, who intently stares down the time clock racing forward with golden, winged feet, we too must briskly forge forward and never take our eyes off of Jesus. Dressed in light-weight running gear to lighten the load, we must free ourselves and our minds of guilt and sin, leaving it for Jesus to pick up and carry away. This race will ultimately be the golden key, the ring on the merry-go-round, the ultimate trophy for anyone whose endurance can succumb to God’s calling for us to run as Christians through our own race in life. Run your race as if your race is far more important than anything you’ve ever accomplished in your life. For those who run the race with integrity and of the utmost joy of pace, those will truly be given the medal of heaven in the end.

Transform your race into a relay race and pass the baton to the first Christ seeker, the one who truly is down and out. Pass the baton to the homeless, the prostitute on the corner, or even the “John” who is trying his best to purchase sex on the street. Pass the baton to the cashier at the grocery store, to your neighbor or friend. Pass these people the baton of truth, and ask them to run the race with you. Set the pace for those to see our Lord as a forgiving father, one who will be looking for his followers at the starting gate, as He sets us all on the right path.

Free yourself and drop the encumbering, heavily laden dramas and sin we seem to ultimately forget may still be attached to us, once we are running. Leave your sins with God, for our Lord, our God will discipline us as we are in training. Be Christ driven, and add God as your coach, so ultimately we are driven and running hard and strong for Jesus for the rest of our lives here on earth. We cannot run without God’s everlasting lifeline, our birthright to Heaven is carved in the stones of the earth, the stones we run so freely over. Training will commence the moment we commit to run our life race, and we must endure the life teaching challenges that will be set along our paths in life. God will not make the race easier because we are his children. God will set the course and teach us as we are subjected to obstacles placed along the way. Seek to jump over the obstacles, the vines or confrontations that will seek to choke off our path of running our race. Those who run the race and drink from the living waters will truly be free to run the race with their lives set free. We can be transformed when we lighten our load of external commitments and clutter, our lives so deeply need to be stripped of.

We can’t quit! We need to keep moving forward, never giving up. God is our coach and as the obstacles are placed in front of us we need to rise up and endure, for it is God, our coach who is teaching us life lessons. God is fine tuning us to grow into magnificent runners in God’s greatest race, the race to heaven! Jesus endured haters, and beatings and being spit upon. He knew he had to keep running. Jesus knew that in the end, at the finish line was God, and Jesus’s trophy was His eternal seat next to His father, our father God in heaven above. So, when you grow weary or tired during this great race in life, remember Jesus and his blood shed so our race in life will lead us to Heaven. Forge forward, set the pace and remember to rally for the ultimate trophy in the end, our seat with Jesus in our Father’s House in Heaven above.

Read Hebrews 12

Sandie Heckman


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