For all of us that can’t wait for Friday to come, it’s on it’s way! Rally on with Jesus by your side. Oh how we endure the crying babies, baskets of laundry and somehow find it in our day to take care of everyone but ourselves. How about a bit of the Son? How about drenching yourself in the healing warmth of God’s love, knowing He’s been there walking with us all day. He was the one nudging us on in midday. When we thought we couldn’t make it to dinner and come up with the ultimate meal to make everyone happy, He was there.

Yup, He was there while we drove frantically to work or took the kids to school, He was there.

So as today, and the next day beat down our door, and we can’t wait for Friday to come on in remain in the Son. Allow Jesus to fill your heart with the gentle wave of Love we all need to make it to the end of the week.

Keep Jesus as close to you as those tiny Tic Tacs in your pocket. When the day seems too hard, too long to handle, call on the Son to refuel your soul. We all need the Son every day to help us remain calm as we forge forward to the end of this God given week.

For there is one God and one mediator between God and man
That is the man Christ Jesus
Our Glorious Son of God!
1 Timothy 2:5
Sandie Heckman


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