You Say You Can’t…I Say You Can!

A simple reminder that you are you for a reason.
No one else can be you, so get busy.
Show everyone what you’ve got.
Throw out the shoulda’s,
the could haves and
start being who you really,
truly want to be. You!

The old you, or the new improved you.
Either way, no matter what,
no one can ever take you away from you.

You are who you are through this gift and call of Jesus Christ! (Romans 1: 2-6, MSG)

They can throw insults and words that hurt,
but if you repel the words and bounce,
you can find “you” in the remote part of your soul
hiding and just waiting for “you” to come get “you”.

Today’s the day!
The You you forgot about, is waiting.
So get out there!
Everyone is waiting on you!
The beautiful you who we love.
Sandie Heckman


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