Summer Of My Youth!

I found myself at fifty four.
I wasn’t really looking,
but there I was sneaking up on myself,
and right in the middle
of my father’s death I found me!

I must have got stuck at twenty nine
because that’s where I came
peaking around the corner
and somewhere between there and now
I was found.

Twenty five years gone and lost forever.
I run up to a friend
and I’m in the here and now
with me as who I once was
and who I’ve become.

Somewhere in between,
I lost myself and I came back
but I’m older now, with lines
on my face even I don’t recognize.

I dance and laugh and then I forget
that I truly am older now
and where exactly did I go
for those twenty five years in time?

I sit back and realize
all those I now know
are at the ages I lost in my past,
and they are the age where I left off
and lost so long ago.

So, I jump up and realize
it’s just a matter of time,
a missing link to the here and now
and who I’ve become.

I’m taking back my past
and who I once was,
so I now dance
in the summer of my youth
with lines on my face
and I’m not afraid to move forward.

And the friends I now have
I would have had then,
if only, I had realized
I’m right where I now should be.


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