It’s been over a year since my baptism. If I told you that my baptism fixed everything in my life, I’d be telling you a lie. If I told you that by being baptized my life became better, I’d be telling you the truth.

We all evolve from the minute we are born. We change in personality,  who we are and what we believe almost daily. We are constantly adapting to our surroundings and how we think, and feel we should act, or how we were taught to act the minute we are born. Babies learn almost immediately that if they cry someone will give them what they need, almost immediately. As babies grow the knowledge of crying and receiving something is reinforced every time they hit the “cry” button. As babies, we are dependent on the person who first takes care of us as a newborn. Unknowingly, we are brought up, rely and put total trust in the first person who loves and cares for us from their heart.


For some, the love of a parent may not be what it is for others. Some parents cannot give the love that other parents give because it was not instilled in them by their parents from the time of their birth. For some parents their upbringing may have been with an unloving parent who was never able to teach or show their child how to truly love. The love of a parent is a love that is far greater than any love we will ever know as small children or even as adults. If you have had the privilege of experiencing the love of your first child, then you have quite possibly experienced the most ultimate love. You know, the love that fills up your soul the minute you lays eyes on your child. It is almost unexplainable, and yet it is the most blissful feeling in life. To have a child look at you, and the awe struck moment where you fall in love with that innocent being in your arms is truly heaven on earth!

If we are taught love through our parents at a young age, and we are never taught about God, how do you learn what it is to trust and have faith?

Sandie Heckman


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