Who’s Your Super Hero?

It’s that crazy fun day, the day everyone dreads Monday! The alarm goes off, and you roll over wishing the clock would magically slow down to 300 tick tocks per second. Your wandering super hero comes into your room, slowing stumbling from his midnight, blissful sleep. In his superman jammies, he slowly walks over to your bed and as you look up you know these moments are golden. Your little Super Hero flies across the bed like never before, and for the first of many times you announce “You are in love with a Super Hero”!
His little toes, cold against your body are a welcome response to this first Monday, your Super Heroes new day. Because you know, you’ve done everything your God driven soul has whispered, he is the magical boy of your dreams.
Savor this day, this beautiful day where God gave you the super hero of your dreams. Because you know, this boy, this little boy is everything and more savor this day all the more. Lock it down in your memory bank and leave it there for another day when your super hero is testing your strength. Keep this moment in your memory for the day when your super hero is more determined than the ant dragging a morsel of food back to his home. This little boy, this God gift from Heaven is fabulously becoming the man of your dreams.
As each day melts into the next, be assured that God is melting into this super heroes soul at the rate only God can see. This little boy, this super hero of your life is your gift, your love line from God. Savor this Monday, this beautiful Monday where you again, fell in love with a God loving super hero!


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