christ 1

For those that cannot see,
look beyond the surface
through the crystal lenses
with Christ like eyes.

Here you will find the answers,
but you must trust me.
Rely on me, seek out my
touch of grace and mercy,
and you will find your heart
nonjudgmental and you
will then be able to see the truth.

Trust in me and I will
show you the answers.

Those that do not seek
me or know me are relying
on hearts that can find the
ultimate truth through
your clear vision .
They that do not see
because their judgment is tainted
by their own self destruction.
Through the isolation of
drug marred minds, they
are looking for the ultimate
fix. The fix they seek is Me.

Through Me, by Me.
trust Me, trust your faith.
Rely on Me for the words,
through you I will come to them.
All I ask is you stand firm
and look at those unsaved
through crystal
Christ like lenses.

For now we are looking in a mirror that gives only a dim (blurred) reflection [of reality as in a riddle or enigma], but then [when perfection comes] we shall see in reality and face to face! Now I know in part (imperfectly), but then I shall know and understand fully and clearly, even in the same manner as I have been fully and clearly known and understood [by God]. 1 Corinthians 13:12 Amplified


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