The Lost Souls


I watched you tonight and I knew, I knew that you weren’t where you intended to be. There you were with a beautiful boy, a 2 year old boy, all snuggly in his tiny stroller, and you were stressed and I knew, I knew you weren’t where you intended to be.

We tried to help, we gave you a phone and a number to call to help you find your place in this world. You spoke to the person on the other side and for a brief moment I thought you might jump, jump and save yourself and your son. Then He came, in his red truck and he tried to take you away. You said he was the father of your child, but I knew, I knew he was not.

Why would he let you be homeless and drive up in a beautiful red truck? Why would he let his baby boy have no shoes and dirty feet all in the same day? I ask, are you okay? Is there anything we can do to help? All you wanted was some clothes for yourself and shoes for your baby boy. You said he was a big boy even though he was only two. But, you said you loved him, and you would do anything for him. So you went on walking, and I kept on talking and I waited, we waited for you to make your move. But your move didn’t come.

Although, you told the lady on the other side of the phone that you needed help, you needed it right this moment, the help couldn’t come. Because there he was in a bright red truck and you told us he was the father. But I disagree. Why would he leave you there to suffer all day, why would he leave his baby boy? I don’t think he was the father at all, I think he’s keeping you, keeping you captive. You said yourself you had to get his permission to leave. Is he holding you there? Holding you against your will? You ran from us as soon as you saw him, you ran. The look in your eyes it’s not the simple look, it’s a look of lost, love lost. You stood there and you stared at me. You asked me for a bottle of water and a bottle for your baby boy. You said you wanted some shoes for him and a shirt for yourself. But that look, the look in your eyes I’ll never forget that look.

I’m coming to look for you, and this time we are going to take you away. We are going to get you away from that man, that man in the red truck whom I do not think is the father of your baby boy.
Sandie Heckman

The National Human Trafficking Hotline 1-888-373-7888


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