If you look in your child’s eyes tonight

and see love,  you see Me.

If you see the trees move in the wind

dancing to a magical rhythm, you see Me. If you hear the silent whispers

of your family breathing, it is Me.

Even in the quietest hours of a new day breaking

I am there keeping you safe

I will walk beside you every day,

even as you struggle to make sense

of the chaotic world around you.

Breathe in and be still,

and know I am God.

I am here right beside you.

Every step you take I am with you.

I will never leave you.

If you were but a speck of sand

in a desert,

I’d find you from a million miles away.

For you are my child, and I knew

where you would be at this exact moment in time.


I adore and cherish you.

You are my finest treasure

You are my child.

I long to hear your voice

call out my name as you once did as a child. Know that with me,

you will not want for anything.


I will help you feel joy.

Your heart will overflow with love.

I will  loving you till the end of time.

I Am God

Sandie Heckman





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