My Lord!

My Lord, my lovely God!
You take my breath away!
I am awe struck in what you are doing in my life.
Tonight, the intimate moments I spent with you are
immeasurably amazing!
You filled my heart back up with love.
You allowed me to look back on my life
and not let me cry,
you showed me the good.
How I love you!
I can’t even explain how I feel anymore!
It mesmerizes me.
To know that you have been here all along loving me
is beyond my comprehension.
To show me the love others have for me
overwhelms me!
I am refueled by your grace.
How I needed to just be and spend an intimate moment
telling you how much I love you.
Knowing that you love me more than I can comprehend
fills my heart strings with joy.
I will forever love you!
You have given me friends that have opened up my heart.
You breathed life back into me when I was gulping for air.
I live, I breath because of you.
Selah can’t even describe how majestic you are
in your loving, kind ways.
I lift up my life to you.
I live through you.
I am me, only because of you.
I will shine for you!
Sandie Heckman


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