Sometimes it is best to just be.
Be still, listen, reflect and hear God speak.
Today I am tired and my soul needs to Hit The Reset Button!
If you’ve ever been so tired
and you can’t feel God refueling your soul, just be.

God wraps us in a blanket of love that only he can sew.
Tiny intricate patches of love
and pictures of the best days of our life
all sewn into a beautiful blanket of protection.
Only He can wrap us lovingly in this blanket.
Seek him and he will fill your soul
with so much love you will be awe struck!

Seriously you will look to the skies and say,
“I had no idea my heart had so many intricate places
for you Lord to seek out and fill”.

Your blanket of love,
protection, and beautiful God moments awaits you.
Allow Him to wrap you in His love and refuel you.
Hit the Reset Button on your life
and allow your destiny to begin.
Grab your God Blanket and find peace.
Sandie Heckman


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